Galaxy Yinhe T-Series

Galaxy/Yinhe T-1

Price : Rp 250.000,-
galaxy/yinhe t-1

The Yinhe T-1 is a 3+2 carbon ply blade that plays like the Butterfly Schlager Carbon, Primorac Carbon, and Sardius. You will likely find it a bit softer than the Schlager, but harder than the Sardius.

From Yinhe:

Cypress wood and carbon fiber combination with a powerful strength for players that prefer fast attack and looping combinations.

Speed: 100
Control: 70
Rating: OFF+
Thickness: 7.4 mm
Weight: 84 g
Construction: 3+2

Galaxy/Yinhe T-2

Price Rp 210.000,-

galaxy/yinhe t-2

The T-2 is a light, thin, fast carbon blade. This blade excels at the style of fast blocking and close to table drives.

When looking at the side of this blade (see the photos) the outer two wood plys (Cypress) are very thin with a carbon ply each and a nice ~5mm thick center ply. This causes a crisp fast hit with a bit less dwell than an all wood blade, hence the fast blocks and drives.

Speed: 95
Control: 80
Rating: OFF to OFF+
Thickness: 6.4 mm
Weight: 76 g
Construction: 3+2

Galaxy/Yinhe T-3

Price : Rp 250.000,-

Galaxy yinhe t-3
Three carbon layers sandwiched between four cypress layers (4+3). This blade has a hard feel and plays fast, but not quite as much as the T-4 which has one more carbon and cypress layer (5+4).

Speed: 100
Control: 70
Rating: OFF+
Thickness: 6.8 mm
Weight: 85 g
Construction: 4+2

T-4, T-5, T-6, T-7, T-8, T-9, T-10, T-11
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